Our Style

By Robert Wermuth in wedding masterworks photography cincinnati photographer

We have been asked many times what we believe our style is and have even been criticized at the variety we show on our web site. Here is my reply...

We show a wide variety of work, because we have worked for a wide variety of people over the years. Unlike many photographers we don't target a specific type of client, getting married in a specific venue. We don't have a preconceived formula for every image we take.

​We believe that every wedding is as unique as the couples we serve and we strive to create one of a kind images at any and every location that is important to them.

Urban, suburban or rural, city scape or city park, mansion or mausoleum, chapel or cathedral, on boats, trains even helicopters our style is not dependent on the location.

Our style is...

Comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable posing, spontaneous laughter, romantic love, you and your family and friends having FUN!

Our style is the two of you falling in love all over again!


And yes we take plenty of images with straight horizons and even a few formal portraits for mom and Dad, we just like to show off the the funky creative stuff on the web.

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