Church and Wedding Venues We Have Worked at in 2012 {Cincinnati Wedding Photographers}

By Robert Wermuth in wedding masterworks photography cincinnati wedding photographer northern kentucky wedding photographer wedding venues cincinnati photographer

We are asked many times "Have you worked at __________?" You can fill in the blank. Over the years shooting hundreds of weddings we have been to almost every venue. But the truth is you would be better off hiring someone that knows their craft backwards and forwards and has never been to your venue than hiring someone that only shoots a few weddings a year all at your location. A professional is prepared to asses any situation and turn it into a positive for the Bride and Groom. But in order to answer the initial question I started this list;


WOW It's been a busy year!!

I started to add the locations from our old database then realized there were over 1700 from all over the Midwest here's the   LINK   to see if we have worked at your venue.



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