Questions asked via email today {CINCINNATI WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS}

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I received a email today asking questions that many of you may have, so I thought I would post them for all to read and benefit from

Could you please help us by providing a little more information?
-Are you the person who would be photographing our wedding? My wife and I are the lead photographers currently both of us are still available, normally which ever one of us meets with you is the one that does your wedding,I would be happy to photograph your wedding. But I book myself 1st and June next year is going fast.
-What percentage of your business is dedicated to weddings? We specialize in wedding photography doing nearly 100 a year however we are very knowledgeable and well rounded photographers. We operate a full time photo studio that does all types of photography
-Approximately how many have you photographed? Michelle and I have photographed over 2000 weddings in our carers.
-Will you bring an assistant with you to my wedding? We have packages that include a second photographer and Packages that include a bridal assistant but some couples only invest in a single photographer.
-Do you need to visit the ceremony/reception site prior to the wedding? Having done nearly 100 weddings a year for over 20 years it is likely that we have been to your Venues many times,  and the conditions will not be the same on any random day at any given time as the conditions on your wedding day. As a professional photographer I am very accustomed to evaluating a space or situation for background, location, lighting, and artistic merit within just a few minutes of arriving at a location.
-Have you photographed a wedding at Miami University before? Many many times, at the gardens, the arch, the chapel even at the local hang outs.
-Do you have liability insurance? Yes, a 4 Million dollar umbrella policy.
-Are you skilled with diffused lighting and soft focus? Absolutely.
-What is your payment policy? 250. will hold the date, payments and final balance can be worked out depending on you preferences.
-Do you offer a discount for paying cash or paying upfront? sorry no, our CC fees are only 1% and we pay all of our taxes
-What is your cancellation policy? The deposit is refunded if we rebook the date for your photographer.
-Do you offer a money-back guarantee? Yes
-Can you clarify if the retouched photo DVD is included in the package price? ALL of your edited and artistically enhanced images are include for you to print or share on the disk that is included with your package.
-Approximately how many photos on are the DVD? 900-1200 but could be more especially if you have a second photographer.
-Do you also print photographs individually and what is the cost of that? Depends on the size of coerce, sheets are 14. each
-What is the cost of additional hours of shooting for the wedding? 1 photographer (125.) 2 Photographers (150.)

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