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 Experience Matters!
 Would you trust a doctor who has not gone to medical school to practice on you?
Just because you have a toothbrush does that make you a dentist?
Your photographer should be experienced also. An experienced photographer can make the difference in how your whole wedding day goes. Knowing what to photograph and where to photograph is not something you need to be worrying about. Your photographer should know basic posing and lighting techniques, as well as what actual images to take. An experienced photographer will know which family photographs and group shots you will want, as well as making sure that there are plenty of gorgeous photographs of the two of you. You should not have to do any posing or arranging. An experienced photographer will also be able to help with the scheduling and planning of the day. They will know that certain photographs should be taken and how to interact with the church staff. 
An experienced photographer will have proper training. Continuing education is important to learn new techniques. There are numerous professional organizations devoted to professional photographers. WPPI and PPA are two to name a couple. These groups offer classes and seminars for photographers to learn their trade. Photography is a skill just like a doctor or a builder. And just like a bad doctor can cause problems so can an inexperienced photographer.  Make sure that your photographer has the experience and education to know how to cover your wedding properly.

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