The DJ

By Robert Wermuth in wedding masterworks photography cincinnati photographer

Choosing a DJ is an important decision! Especially if you want your wedding reception to flow smoothly. Of course there are many many options and things to consider when making your decision. The first being what type of reception do you want? Do you want the big party where everybody is up dancing the night away? Or do you want a calmer atmosphere for conversation? You choice of DJ can make or break your reception. Sorry no pressure! Here are some things to think about when making your decision. 
First is personality! That is probably one of the most important factors. If your personalities don’t mesh then they are probably not the DJ for you. Make sure you meet with them!
Second is training! A DJ should know how to properly mix music so you do not have dead air. An on air DJ such as @Steve Bender or JD Hughes is a good choice. You know they know how to DJ! Both DJ for Cumulus Broadcasting. 
Last would be equipment. Of course it is what they do with this equipment that counts. But decent equipment is of course a must! Just like a photographer needs pro gear so should your DJ, you don’t want him running your reception off of an IPod.
Your DJ is your reception MC the Master Of Ceremonies, so to speak.  They will announce all of your events and make sure to keep your reception running smoothly. They will play the music that you want to keep the party going or the casual music for chatting. 
A DJ is a huge part of your reception!

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