Tip of the Week

By Robert Wermuth in wedding masterworks photography wedding planning wedding tips cincinnati photographer

Our on going series to help you choose your wedding photographer. Last weeks tips can be found Here. This weeks tip is very important


Keep in mind that you will be spending your whole day with this person, so you should feel comfortable with them. You should actually like them. You want your photographer to mesh well with your family and friends, someone who can blend in. When you meet with photographers try to meet with who will be shooting your wedding. That way you can see how they will be on the wedding day.  Not every photographer will mesh with your personalities. So choose wisely!
You want someone who blends in so well with your guests and family that you don't even realize that they are there. 
You want to have a good time on your wedding day, so choose someone who is energetic and fun to be around. Who wants a killjoy at their wedding!

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