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Tip of the Week

By Robert Wermuth in wedding masterworks photography wedding planning wedding tips cincinnati photographer

So you are planning your wedding and you need help choosing a photographer. It is a hard decision to make. No two photographers are alike! There is a lot to look for when making that tough decision. So to help you in your journey for the next few weeks I will be publishing weekly tips. Please feel free to comment or email if you would like more information or have any questions about these tips. 
The first tips are about those first couple of steps
You should be looking for your photographer as soon as the date is set.  Most photographers book out 9 months in advance. Some of the highly in demand photographers book almost two years ahead! By starting your search early you can book with your first choice, instead of settling for who is available one month before your wedding. Give yourself plenty of time. This should not be a stressful time. If it starts to get too stressful then step back and let someone help you!

Ask your friends. Ask your family. Ask your co-workers. Who did they use? Would they recommend them? Do your research. Check them out online. Look at the BBB and other wedding sites. Do they have a nice website? A lot of times you can get a feel for the type of people they are from their website. 

Call them! Do they return your phone calls within a reasonable amount of time? (24 hours) They should respond to an email in a timely manner. Be considerate when contacting your vendors. If you email  at 9pm on a Friday give them time to get back to you. A  photographer may have a wedding on Saturday and not be able to respond until Monday. Also remember that your vendors are human and have lives. Some of us have children and we may not be able to meet with you at noon on Sunday.