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Q: Do we get to keep a copy of the images?
A: Yes, a complete set of your high resolution image files are included in every collection.

Q: Do you bring a second photographer?
A: Yes, we have associate photographers, photojournalists and fusion videographers included in many of our collections.

Q: Do you have backup equipment?
A: Yes, we carry at least two of everything, including cameras.

Q: When do we get to see our images
A: Your images will be available online 2-3 weeks after your wedding and your disks will be mailed soon after that

How long does it take to get our albums?
A: Your albums should be finished 12-16 weeks from the time your final album design is approved.

Q: When should we begin taking photos on the wedding day?
A: We normally start about 2-3 hours before the ceremony. It depends on what you have planned. You will find all of our recommendations on our wedding questionnaire which we will go over with you to help plan for your wedding day photography.

Q: How many locations can we go to?
A: As many as you would like, there is no limit as long as we can fit them all into the time allowed

Q: How many photos do you shoot at an average wedding?
A: We have found that the larger the event and the more attendants and family there are, the more photos we usually take. Also with the interest in photojournalism and candid photography we find ourselves delivering an average of about 700 - 1200 photographs from a wedding.

Q: How long does it take to do the formal photos after the ceremony?
A: About 20-40 minutes, we understand that you don’t want to spend your entire evening or wedding day taking photos, so we set aside a slot of time before and/or after the ceremony to take the formal photos, all other images are taken before the ceremony or as they happen.

Q: When do you take those spectacular scenic photos we saw on your walls?
A: On your wedding day, believe it or not all of those photos were taken on the wedding day. We set aside maybe 15 minutes either before or after the ceremony when the two of you will be together and take these photographs. They can be taken at the church, reception site, urban setting downtown or a park. All the photos we show have been taken within the aloud time on the wedding day, we do not use models or stage photos for any of our samples.

Q: What do I do Next?
A: If you would like more information fill out the online request or give us a call. If you are ready to take the next step, I can email you a contract or a link that will allow you to choose your package, sign a contract and pay you deposit online.

A: What is you level of experience?
Q: Michelle and I both have degrees in commercial photography and have worked full time in the photographic industry for over 20 years! We still keep up on latest trends and are also known in this area for setting a few. We did the math recently and realized we have photographed over 2000 weddings!

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: I (Robert) shot my first wedding in 1985. Masterworks Photography has been around since 1994 and we will be here to create beautiful images of your family for years to come.

Q: Are you working full time as a photographer?
A: Yes, Michelle and I have made a full time living as professional photographers since we graduated from college in 1989. We are passionate about photography and we take good care of our clients. On Monday morning when the weekend warrior is at his day job I will be giving you and your wedding images my full attention.

Q: How will you dress at my wedding?
A: I have gotten this question for years and thought it was sort of strange, until I heard the stories of photographers in jeans and gym shoes standing in front of a church full of guests. We dress appropriately for the venue, business casual to a full suit or tux for a black tie event.

Q: What type of camera do you use?
A: Pro cameras include; Nikon D3, D300, D700, D7000, D800 & Canon EOS, 5D, 1D, 7D, 60D Anything other than these and the Pro Photo Industry considers
them amateur equipment and not up to Pro quality standards.

Q: How many cameras do you bring to the wedding?
A: Today's cameras are essentially computers, need I say more? They do fail, We had 3 die or lock up at weddings a few years ago, but we always carry 3 cameras each, so we never missed a thing & the Bride & Groom never even knew.

Q: What Lab do you use?
A: Some photographers today cut corners by using a one hour lab at a
retail location like Sam’s. The photos may look good but will they last? Most one hour labs use a “Quickie” wash process that does not remove all of the chemicals from the prints. This is what causes your prints to turn color or fade. We still print your images using a traditional archival chemical process guaranteed by Kodak to last 300 years. We do not sell inkjet prints as other do. We also only use Professional Labs.

Q: What program do you use to Design my Album?
A: Some photographers use template programs like you find online at shutterfly. They are fine if you do not mind being limited to the programmers designs. We design every album from the first page to the last using the latest version of Photoshop. No two albums or pages ever look the same.

Q: How do you back up my images?
A: Many photographers use cheap DVD’s that only retain their information for about 3 years and do not archive the images for long term storage. We archive
a copy of your images in 4 locations including a server at our lab and a hard drive where they stay indefinitely.

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